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A 25 room eco-boutique hotel, located south of Puerto Vallarta in Costa Alegre, Jalisco

Hotelito Desconocido invites guests to do nothing other than take in the magic of this singular place. It’s easy to disconnect here – in fact it’s mandatory, with no phones, no neighboring restaurants, nightclubs, or shopping – only delicious tranquility for those in search of seclusion. With a generous dash of the creative, this Hotelito is a conscious respite in an overly revved up world.

Hotelito’s aim is that you the guest rest, relax, unwind, and totally turn off.

Nestled on a wetland estuary between the Sierra Madre Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Hotelito is located in one of the most important sea turtle and bird reserves in México, 60 miles South Puerto Vallarta.

More than 150 species of birds live on the land and the estuary surrounding Hotelito. Rowboat tours take you deeper into wooded areas teeming with an impressive variety of land and water birds.

Beginning each July, sea turtles make their way to Hotelito's beach to lay their eggs. In this safe place, under the watchful eye of our staff biologist, you have the opportunity to witness the eggs hatching and the baby turtles scrambling over the beach toward the ocean. Nature here is as it was intended - alive, thriving, and free!

The “Playon de Mismaloya” was declared a sanctuary for marine turtles in October of 1986. Since the moment when the Hotelito Desconocido was built in this area, it has supported a program to protect the olive Ridgley turtles that come to nest along the beach. Every year, biologist from different states of México comes here to run the program. What they do is to patrol the beach in order to collect the eggs laid by the females and to protect the female until she goes back to the sea. The eggs are buried again in a nursery to protect them from predator and pouching, until they hatch. Every year thousand of hatchlings are released at Hotelito Desconocido, hopping that at least one of a hundred will come back again to continue with the miracle of life. You are invited to share in this remarkable experience that is Hotelito.

Imaging camping with luxury linens, gauzy netting draped seductively over the bed, and the romance of candles everywhere. With a symphony performed by cicadas, birds and the Ocean, you will know this is no ordinary getaway; this is a place where you increase your sensibility to new sensations.

This uncommon resort has been constructed in the style of an old Mexican fishing village. Accommodations are in “Palafitos,” bungalows of indigenous construction, built on stilts over the edge of the estuary that surrounds the main group of structures.

The décor of each "Palafito" has been modeled after the Mexican lottery, a type of bingo game that uses images rather than numbers. Bathrooms have bamboo showers that provide privacy while giving the feeling of extending out into the garden.

There is no electricity; candles provide illumination at night, and solar-powered ceiling fans provide optional in-room cooling. Cleverly disguised solar panels and hot water holding tanks are located outside each room, where water for showers is stored until needed.

On the lagoon side of Hotelito, there are three “Palafito Master Suites.” Each spacious and private Master Suite is approximately 800 sq. feet, has estuary, beach and ocean view. The decoration of the Master Suites is tastefully appointed with Mexican antiques.  Master Suites have king size beds draped with hand made gauze canopy, large bathrooms with oversized open-air showers, terraces and private docks with rowboat.

At the lagoon, there are also five “Palafito Suites” and five individual “Palafito Rooms” found in larger villas. Twelve additional (including one suite) “Palafito Beach Front –Nopalito” are located across the estuary on Hotelito's private beach.

Palafito Beach Front is located on the beach over the sand, facing the Pacific Ocean. Aside you have an infinite extension of unspoiled virgin beach. You can not sleep closer to the beach without camping out. Each "Nopalito" bungalow is styled in Hotelito's own unique manner, filled with genuine Mexican artwork and details. Sensuous daybeds, mosquito nets, and oversized bathrooms complete these oceanfront cabañas. The Nopalitos have one king bed or one or two queen beds. There is one “Palafito Suite” on the beach with private outdoor living area.

Wood floors and palapa roofs perfectly compliment the decorative details – each color-splashed interior is unique, detailed with hand painted murals and whimsical antique curios that are unmistakably and memorably Mexican.

Amenities include tepezcohuite soaps, shampoos and body lotion made from natural extracts. These products are biodegradable. “Gavanes” (Bathrobes) are available for use during your stay. All our rooms are provided with bottle of water, running water is not drinkable.

Hotelito have put together some pretty cool activities that are the ideal compliment to the Hotelito experience:

  • “Mundo de Salud” Spa

  • Guided horseback riding

  • Lagoon bird watching (by boat)

  • Water sports: Rowboats, canoes and windsurf board

  • Biking

  • Sea turtle liberations will take place just before sunset, on days when eggs hatch.

  • Mexican fiesta

  • Fisherman's fiesta

  • Bon fire

  • Sea turtle preserve tour (July through December)

“El Mundo de la Salud” (World of Health) primitive-luxury SPA offers a full range of massages and SPA treatments designed to relax, invigorate and heal, complemented with yoga and stretching classes.

The staff of therapists is highly qualified, experienced massage practitioners, which would be glad to assist you in a natural environment. Appointments are made directly al the Hotel.

Features: Steam bath, natural jacuzzi with cold water showers, area for specialized massages and qualified treatments.

Types of Services:

  • Aromatherapy massage:  Aromatherapy is an ancient art, which uses aromatic blends of natural essential oils to calm one's physical, mental and emotional state.
  • Swedish massage: This classic full-body massage uses oils and gentle circular strokes to achieve increased circulation and all-over relaxation.
  • Shiatsu massage: A pressure-point massage to balance and restore the flow of energy throughout the body.
  • Reflexology massage: A pressure-point massage of the feet, designed to improve circulation, release stress and relax the entire body.
  • Mud bath treatment: Legendary for its powerful therapeutic properties, this mud stimulates metabolic functions and soothes and rejuvenates the skin and body.
  • Mermaid bath: This is an ancient energizing technique, with roots from French Polynesia that uses all natural ingredients of sea salt, natural and essential oils. It first removes dead skin cells and as well toxins to revitalize your body, ending with a relaxing massage that leaves your body softened and refreshed.
  • Stone therapy (Hot rock massage and anti-stress therapy): It is a multifaceted technique designed to benefit client and therapist at once. The therapeutic potential of this treatment goes beyond measure. Provides a deep warm and nurturing massage that is applied with soft, round and warm river rocks alternated with soothing cold marble stones that bring relief to inflamed sore muscles. The physiological benefits of alternating heat and cold to the body have long been scientifically and medically proven.


For prices, reservations, availability and bookings, please contact us at: visit@luxuriousmexico.com



© Photo by Hotelito

Hotelito Desconocido in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

© Photo by Hotelito
Salon at the Hotelito Desconocido in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
© Photo by Hotelito
Love Shack at the Hotelito Desconocido in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
© Photo by Hotelito
Beach at the Hotelito Desconocido in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
© Photo by Hotelito
Palafito Room at the Hotelito Desconocido in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
© Photo by Hotelito
Spa at the Hotelito Desconocido in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
© Photo by Hotelito
Sea View at the Hotelito Desconocido in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco