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Sections of Comitan de Dominguez

The surroundings of Comitan de Dominguez are perfect setting to enjoy the nature with is flora and fauna. The nature lovers can explore different activities that go from camping around the Lakes of Montebello, swimming at the different waterfalls, rafting on the rivers or hiking around the lagoons and swamps.

Mirador El Encuentro (The Meeting Lookout): Offers panoramic views of a huge canyon, at the bottom of which two rivers meet. It is located on the way to the ejido (municipality) Jerusalen, along the Southern Frontier Highway (carretera Fronteriza del Sur) 30 minutes after the road to Lago Tziscao.

Santo Domingo River: Offers a unique place to appreciate nature and take photographs, from a bridge over the river. It is located on the Southern Frontier Highway (carretera Fronteriza del Sur) just 3 minutes from the intersection with the dirt road to ejido Jerusalen.

Las Nubes (The Clouds) waterfalls: Located just 3 hours from Comitan, this is part of the swift Santo Domingo River where there are many turquoise-colored waterfalls and in many sections rapid currents for rafting. From the Southern Frontier Highway (carretera Fronteriza del Sur) going towards the Ejido Jerusalen, it is 13 km (7.8 miles) of dirt road to reach the ejido Las Nubes, and from there, 20 minutes to reach the first waterfall and the Las Golondrinas suspension bridge. The adventure increases from this point, offering three choices: to go to the Causas Verdes waterfall, the Selva Loma Bonita path, and the Santa Margarita lookout, the latter a favorite of rock-climbers.

Las Guacamayas tourist center: Reached by the Southern Frontier Highway (carretera fronteriza del sur) up to Benemérito de las Americas, there turning off on an unpaved road of approximately 36 km (22.5 miles). This tourist center is located within the community of Reforma Agraria. It was created to preserve the Red Guacamayas birds. It is ideal for bird watchers and nature lovers since many species of animals, especially birds, and the natural vegetation can be observed hiking through the rain forest. The center offers cabins, a restaurant, camping site and parking lot.

Montebello Lakes National Park: Less than an hour drive from Comitan, on the border with Guatemala, are the Lakes of Montebello (National Park.) There are over 50 lakes here, from which half are on Mexican territory and the other half on Guatemalan territory; around ten of the lakes are easily accessible via some well traced roads. The lakes of the Montebello area, once a part of the colonial Hacienda of Tepancuapan, were the first Protected Area decreed in Chiapas. Its beauty is without a doubt among Mexico's most spectacular, due to the surface and underground waters arising from the calcareous soil, framed in lush pine and mixed forests full of bromeliads and orchids. The lakes are uvulas or ancient natural wells that have become joined through time due to the corrosion and collapse of the limestone floor. Three horseback tours through the Bosque Azul (Blue Forest) are recommended; The Montebello Lagoon trip, lasting about 1 ½ hour (visiting two natural wells located in the middle of the forest; the Ensueño Laguna (Illusion Lagoon) and the Esmeralda Laguna (Emerald Lagoon). Upon arriving at Lake Montebello you can board a vehicle to continue touring to other lagoons.

At the National Park eco-tourism trips on horseback or in boats, walking and bicycle tours are available. On the route to Yamul-Los cenotes, there are three different underground pools and a three-hour horseback ride is available. At the Grutas (The Grottos) de San Jose-El Arco tour, there is a 1-¼ hour walk and see Rio Escondido (Hidden River), El Arco de Piedra (the Stone Arch) and Las Grutas (The Grottos) ideal places to take memorable photographs. The lakes themselves are well worth experiencing; they all reflect turquoise blues and greens, and some of them with the scenic backdrop of the surrounding mountains and forests, the area is great for a whole day's exploration. The lakes have a calm, serene and relaxing feel to them; the air is sweet and pure, and even during busy times, because of its size, you'll always be able to find a quiet corner to just sit and ponder, surrounded by some of nature's most unbelievable creations. Small boats and makeshift rafts, made from tree trunks tied together are available for hire at most of the larger lakes, in case you want to go out on the water and get a view from the lakes themselves.

Cascadas El Chiflón (Windy Waterfalls): These falls are located half an hour away from downtown Comitan, in the municipality of Tzimol, arriving via the Comitan-Tzimol state road. The Chiflón Falls are surrounded by cane fields, mountains and jungle. The Bride’s Veil (Velo de Novia), the most impressive waterfall at the site, is a curtain of water formed by the tumbling San Vicente River. This flows into turquoise pools ideal for swimming. There is a 1.28 km (3/4 mile) hike on walkways, stairs and paths to get to the breathtaking view of the 120 m (400 ft) waterfall that flows into the San Vicente River. Next to the waterfalls, there are Mayan ruins. This is also a perfect spot for taking photographs. In the surrounding area, there are two smaller waterfalls with natural swimming pools and the opportunity to see ancient petrogylph art. There are basic services offered by the inhabitants of the area. It is also possible to practice rappel from the cave or dive into the water from the first ledge of the waterfall - if one has the aptitude to do this, and always following the advice of the locals. One can hike in the forest, surrounded by nature, take pictures, go swimming and have a very pleasant picnic. The center offers cabins, barbeque areas, shops, restaurant, parking lot, camping site and activities such as Tyrolese, mountain bikes, wall climbing and nature paths. The falls are open Monday through Sunday from 8:00 to 17:00

Scuba Diving in the Chucumaltic Lagoon: Just half an hour away from Comitan, is a deep, crystalline lagoon with excellent conditions for scuba diving. It can be reached from the road to Uninajab, five minutes before reaching the bathing resort.

Eco-tourism Center of Colon Lakes: Located 71 km (50 minutes) from Comitan in the municipality of La Trinitaria, on the International road Comitan-Ciudad Cuauhtemoc. There are over 20 lagoons, ranging from shallow to deep, rivers and waterfalls with crystalline waters. Or you can enjoy walks through the paths on the forest, and along the rivers to reach the El Lagartero Archaeological Zone (with moderately difficult access). Or enjoy rowboat rides and swimming. The hike to the waterfalls known as Arco iris (Rainbow) is about 1 km (0.6 mile). There are also 6 km (4 miles) hikes through the forest, crossing various rivers, but one should get advice from the locals, because there are some swamps and areas inhabited by crocodiles. In order to do scuba diving at the Lagartero lagoon, it is required to get a permit from the local diving club. Walking through paths between the lakes can be a really pleasant experience. The lakes are connected through little water channels. To visit the whole area it will take you from four to five hours.

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Ç Chiapas, Maravillas Tenejapa, Las Nubes Falls 5 - Photo by German Murillo-Echavarria 0406
  Chiapas, Maravillas Tenejapa, Las Nubes Falls
Ç Chiapas, Selva Lacandona, Marques de Comillas, Las Guacamayas, Red Guacamaya - Photo by Rosa Ripoll
  Chiapas, Selva Lacandona, Marques de Comillas, Las Guacamayas, Red Guacamaya
Ç Chiapas, Tzimol, Lakes of Montebello - Photo by Secretaria de Turismo de Chiapas
  Chiapas, Tzimol, Lakes of Montebello
Ç Chiapas, Tzimol, Chiflon Waterfalls, Velo de Novia 3 - Photo by Centro Ecoturistico Cadena de las Cascadas el Chiflon
  Chiapas, Tzimol, Chiflon Waterfalls, Velo de Novia
Ç Chiapas, La Trinitaria, Colon Lakes, Cinco Lagos - Photo by German Murillo-Echavarria 0406
  Chiapas, La Trinitaria, Colon Lakes, Cinco Lagos

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