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An ecological center with 30 cabins managed by a cooperative from the native Ch’ol Indians, located in Frontera Corozal, Chiapas

The Ecotourism Centre Escudo Jaguar is in Frontera Corozal, in the area of the Lacandona forest of the state of Chiapas, right by the border between Mexico and Guatemala. The center offers its services to travelers eager to discover the Maya culture as well as the fauna and the flora of Chiapas: There is lodging in cabins, a restaurant and transportation services to places of interest in the surroundings and in Guatemala.

Escudo Jaguar is the strategic middle way between the archeological site of Palenque and the archeological sites of Bonampak, Yaxchilan and Tikal (in Guatemala.) This is also an inevitable crossing site for travelers to Guatemala, Mexico and/or Belize. The center was opened in 1996.

The center sits on the left bank of the Usumacinta River, considered a holy river by the Maya people. The only way to reach the archeological .site of Yaxchilan is to go by boat from Escudo Jaguar, a 25 km (15.6 miles) ride.

At the center, it is possible to rent boats and hammocks; there is telephone and a parking lot. Common activities at this site are hiking and boat tours.

All rooms are equipped with fans and most have individual bathrooms with hot and cold water. The high season is from April 10 – 23, July 10 to August 20 and from December 10 to 5 January. The center offers wireless Internet in the reception.

There are 30 cabins and the rooms can be:

·    Triple: Three double beds, and private bathroom

·    Double: Two double beds and private bathroom

·    Single: A double bed and private bathroom

·    Economic room: A double bed and an individual bed and shared bathroom

·    Economic room for two people: This room has two individual beds, and shared bathroom

The Escudo Jaguar serves snacks and regional dishes in its restaurant, which is open from 7:00 am to the 8:00 pm. Breakfasts on offer are Continental, American, and Mexican, all at very good prices.

Transportation services by land and fluvial:
The Escudo Jaguar also offers private land transportation to all cities in Mexico and especially to those located in the State of Chiapas. Furthermore, transport with wooden motorboats to the border with Guatemala and until the city of Bethel (30 minutes), in addition to transfers to the archaeological site of Yaxchilan (25 minutes). Boats also are available in Bethel for transfers to the Escudo Jaguar. The boats start running at 4:00 in the morning.

Places of interest to visit:
The privileged location of the Escudo Jaguar makes it possible to visit the archeological sites of Palenque (two hours and thirty minutes,) Yaxchilan (accessible by boat from the center, 25 minutes,) Bonampak (accessible by car from the center, 45 minutes,) and also Tikal in Guatemala. Multiple attractions are to be found in the protected natural areas of the Lacandona Jungle, where one can observe the flora and the fauna of Chiapas (it is possible to go by foot or by boat to the jungle.) The waterfalls Las Golondrinas are an hour away from the center.

Frontera Corozal is located 165 km from the city of Palenque and it takes around two hours an thirty minutes by car. The Ecological Center Escudo Jaguar is located on the banks of the Usumacinta River and thirty minutes away from the city of Bethel in Guatemala. Follow the road from Palenque to Ocosingo up to the Chancalá exit, from there take the road to the Southern Frontier Highway (carretera Fronteriza del Sur) to Frontera Corozal.

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Ç Chiapas, Frontera Corozal, Escudo Jaguar, Cabins 2 - Photo by German Murillo-Echavarria 0406
  Chiapas, Frontera Corozal, Escudo Jaguar, Cabins
Ç Chiapas, Frontera Corozal, Escudo Jaguar, Cabin, double room - Photo by German Murillo-Echavarria 0406
  Chiapas, Frontera Corozal, Escudo Jaguar, Cabin, double room
Ç Chiapas, Frontera Corozal, Escudo Jaguar, Boats1 - Photo by German Murillo-Echavarria 0406
  Chiapas, Frontera Corozal, Escudo Jaguar, Boats
Ç Chiapas, Frontera Corozal, Escudo Jaguar, Restaurant 1 - Photo by German Murillo-Echavarria 0406
  Chiapas, Frontera Corozal, Escudo Jaguar, Restaurant

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