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Xlapak is located in the southwestern region of the Yucatán Peninsula. The local Indians referred to all of the ruins in this area as "Xlap-pahk" or "Old Walls.”

Xlapak, which means "Unglued Walls", a site of some 14 mounds and three somewhat, restored pyramids. This site and
Sayil are less restored and manicured so you can see how the sites looked like when they were discovered. Notice the many carved stones just laying around on the ground.

The structure called "The Palace" stands out in this zone, and it is considered one of the jewels of the Puuc style. The beauty of the Palace is reflected in the frieze decoration; a small inclined cornice that repeats the small columns decoration and supports a board of stone with geometric elements. There are some spectacular masks of Chaac with its distinctive curved nose on the corners and centre of this board. These types of decoration make this structure a unique and impressive one due the masks that stand out of the false arch.

There are sets of Chaac masks in stacks of three on the corners of the upper facade and above the center doorways on the north and south sides. The masks rise above the coping course, which gives them special emphasis

The pattern between the mask panels at Xlapak is identical to the decoration on the east side of the great Arch at

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Yucatan, Xlapak, Archeological zone, Puuc Route, Palace, front - Photo by Xlapak

The Palace at Xlapak

Yucatan, Xlapak, Archeological zone, Puuc Route, Phallic Symbols - Photo by Xlapak
Phallic Symbols at Xlapak