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The Hacienda Ochil, is a tastefully converted hacienda located 36 Km. from Mérida in the Abalá district. The Hacienda dates from the 17th century and it is frequented by Mérida locals and travelers to the Uxmal and the Pucc Route ruins.

The hacienda has restored workshops with modern day craftsmen, a wonderful place to lunch on delicious regional fare and a small but very interesting museum. The museum has relics from the old Hacienda Ochil and photos from more than one historical henequén hacienda including machinery, tools and equipment from the henequén era.

The grounds of the Hacienda have the old train tracks intact, a henequén field, a place for drying the sisal, smoke stack chimney and historical photos of other Yucatecan Haciendas which have since been converted to luxury hotels including: Temozón, Santa Rosa de Lima and San José Cholul .

Visitors can watch henequén being processed and craftsmen working during a visit to Hacienda Ochil. The estate chapel has been converted into workshops where a master jeweler makes the delicate gold and silver filigree pieces for which Yucatán is famous, women weave hammocks and embroider the white cotton dresses known as hipiles and men carve wood and stone.

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Yucatan, Abala, Hacienda San Pedro Ochil, Grounds at night - Photo by The Haciendas

Grounds at The Hacienda Ochil