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A beautiful XVI Century Colonial Hacienda located in the heart of Chichén-Itzá.

In 1921, The Hacienda Chichén became the Carnagie Institute's Mayan expedition headquarters in the Yucatán. The picturesque cottages, built for the Carnegie staff, have been recently re-modeled to serve as guest rooms. Within it's heritage The Hacienda Chichén merges, with exquisite elegance, two of the Yucatán's most historical periods; the Pre-Columbian and the Colonial, with modern services for your comfort and convenience. We hope you enjoy the splendor of
Chichén-Itzá, one of México's most powerful post-Classic Mayan archeological sites.

Surrounded by the world-renowned Maya archeological zone of
Chichén-Itzá, Hacienda Chichén Resort is among the oldest Haciendas in the Yucatán. Founded by the Spaniards in the 16th Century soon after landing in México, this Hacienda has been lovingly preserved and renovated by Mrs. Carmen Barbachano's family for generations. The Hacienda, a colonial landmark, is the perfect pit stop if you're on your way to see the Chichén-Itzá ruins. Built within the Chichén-Itzá site itself, The Hacienda entrance is just a few steps away from the pyramids' south east entrance. In fact, you can still see some of the authentic Mayan temple stones used to build the original Hacienda, which forms the base of the main building. The hotel is decorated with colonial sculptures and Mayan artwork designed to evoke the atmosphere of the ruins.

Originally a cattle ranch, the Chichén later became a sisal plantation and then the home of Archeologist Dr. Edward Thompson, who lead the legendary dredging of the Cenote Sagrado where gold ornaments, human bones, sacrificial knives and other Pre-Columbian national treasures were found. The celebrated Carnegie Institute also established its Maya Archeological Expedition headquarters here in 1923.

Hacienda Chichén Resort provides a haven of comfort, luxury and lush tropical paradise for travelers who want to spend time at the ruins of
Chichén-Itzá, or who want to experience the rich natural environment of the Yucatán. Here, guests can swim in a filtered Olympic sized pool, under trees planted a century ago. They can lounge in comfort on the shaded portico, sipping a limonada while listening to some of the 150 species of birds that frequent this jungle oasis.

Cozy cottages with private terraces house the guests. Every room is beautifully decorated with colonial tiles, carved accessories and hand woven bedspreads. The rooms also have air-conditioning, dehumidifiers, service-bars and fans for the guest's comfort. We invite you to enjoy the hotel's serene atmosphere and experience their hospitality.

The Hacienda Chichén Resort boasts the most charming and comfortable accommodations available at Chichén-Itzá. The cottages were originally the homes of Archeologists of the Carnegie Institute, who established their headquarters here in the 1920s. Now extensively refurbished and recently redecorated, the original cottages are now delightful guest accommodations, with one or two suites to a cottage. They nestle in the landscaped gardens that include the plant collection of Edward Thompson, Archeologist and Vice-Consul to the United States.

The Guest Rooms all have two double beds. These are light and airy rooms, with some lovely features such as ornate ironwork and cream bedspreads with coordinating cushions. Air-conditioning and mini-bars are available in all rooms and are very welcome after a long hot day of sightseeing.

Each cottage also has a terrace, attractively furnished with plants and rocking chairs. From these tranquil spot guests can enjoy the cooler late afternoon breezes and the views over the carefully tended gardens.

Romantic "Honeymoon Rooms" are now available at this property. They are similar in size and amenities to the Guest Rooms, but have a queen bed and are cozy, charming rooms.

The Hacienda's lavish Master Suites, surprisingly romantic for a contemplative location. The spacious, airy rooms are decorated in pale colors and feature intricately worked iron bedsteads and chairs. They can have two double beds or one king bed. The sitting area includes a comfortable sofa or table and chairs, and the roomy bathroom boasts a large modern tub and gushing overhead shower. In the separate vanity and dressing area good lighting and mirrors are available, and there is plenty of hanging space.

Efficient and quiet air conditioning cools the rooms quickly, and ceiling fans are also provided. With a mini-bar to chill soft drinks and the large swimming pool just a few yards away, refreshment is guaranteed.

Dining area, swimming pool and gardens are all in a colonial atmosphere. The Hacienda's large swimming pool and gardened terrace offers an enticing retreat from the heat of Chichén-Itzá. Guests can relax in the shade of the ancient trees, or sip cool drinks on the pretty poolside patio.

Take a walk to the "Noria" (the little Chapel) and the many archeological sites.

The Hacienda hosts the most original playground in which to celebrate wedding ceremonies and special occasions whether personal or business.

The Hacienda’s haute-cuisine menus can satisfy the most sophisticated palates

The Hacienda Chichén Resort is under the same management as the wonderful Casa del Balam in Mérida town center and The Hacienda's restaurant is as highly regarded as that of its sister hotel. Enjoy a lingering evening meal in the grand dining room of the 16th century Hacienda or choose a table on the patio overlooking the gardens. If you are visiting the Sound and Light show at Chichén-Itzá then we recommend that you eat before the performance.

If you are here to visit the ruins then you will find early morning and afternoon the best times for exploration; it is much cooler and quieter. Most tour groups arrive between 10 am and 11 am and spend the hottest part of the day climbing the pyramids. We suggest that you retreat to the hotel around lunchtime for a delicious meal and a very refreshing swim.

For prices, reservations, availability and bookings, please contact us at: visit@luxuriousmexico.com

Yucatan, Chichen-Itza, Hotel Hacienda Chichen Resort - Photo by Hacienda Chichen Resort
Hacienda Chichén Resort
Yucatan, Chichen-Itza, Hotel Hacienda Chichen Resort, Gardens 1 - Photo by German Murillo-Echavarria 0405
Gardens at The Hacienda Chichén Resort
Yucatan, Chichen-Itza, Hotel Hacienda Chichen Resort, Room 1 - Photo by German Murillo-Echavarria 0405
Room  at The Hacienda Chichén Resort
Yucatan, Chichen-Itza, Hotel Hacienda Chichen Resort, Pool - Photo by Hacienda Chichen Resort
Pool at the Hacienda Chichén Resort
Yucatan, Chichen-Itza, Hotel Hacienda Chichen Resort, Terrace - Photo by German Murillo-Echavarria 0405
Terrace at The Hacienda Chichén Resort