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Dzibilchaltún is the place “Where There is Writing on The Stones,” a great Mayan city that is only nine miles from Mérida. Here you will find the Museum of the Maya People, one of the best and most comprehensive museums in the Yucatán. In Dzibilchaltún you will find one of the most singular Archeological sites in Yucatán and one of the astronomic wonders of the Mayan culture.

To reach the ruins, walk the winding path past ancient Mayan stone sculptures. Enjoy the comprehensive and well-designed air conditioned museum, tracing the steps of the Mayans from antiquity to the present. Then follow the ecological path flanked by trees from the region, identified with their names. This will take you to the Temple of the Seven Dolls.

The principal building is The Temple of the Seven Dolls, named for the seven small sculptures excavated here and now residing in a museum in México City. This temple is situated so that every year, on the 21st of March and September, the spring and fall equinox, the sun shines directly through the doorway as it rises. Many other temples on the grounds have also been rebuilt and restored.

Dzibilchaltún is a great place to wander, enjoy the peaceful surroundings, climb the structures and imagine what life must have been like there hundreds of years ago.

Last but not least, head for the
Xlacah cenote for a refreshing swim. This cenote is open to the public until 4 PM. It tends to get a little busy on weekends. One end of the cenote is very shallow, while the other is over 140 feet deep and continues on into a tunnel.

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Yucatan, Dzibilchaltun Archeological zone, Temple of the Seven Dolls 1 - Photo by German Murillo-Echavarria 0405
The Temple of the Seven Dolls at Dzibilchaltún