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In the southeast of México, surrounded by the clear blue waters of the Caribbean and the Gulf of México, lies the Peninsula of the Yucatán, where the great Mayan culture once flourished amidst tropical forests. A 45 minute drive from the International Airport of Mérida, the state capital, lays Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima.

Santa Rosa, a small Hacienda in the heart of the Yucatán Peninsula recreates the belle époque of the Mexican southeast. The 11 rooms and suites are conditioned with exquisite details and located in the main 18th century building, surrounded by beautiful gardens.

We invite you to evoke the splendor of past eras, wrapped in the luxurious amenities and services expected of a five-star hotel and the personalized service that makes you feel like being at home. Learn about the history, their role in the social context of this ever evolving land, the rich juxtaposition of the ancient and modern cultures. Delight in the flavors of their cuisine, the architectural heritage of their rooms and the archeological zones, colonial villages and the natural reserves that surround The Hacienda.

• 1855 - The first owner was known as Mr. Benito Montero, a resident of Calkini, Campeche sold Santa Rosa de Lima in this year to Encarnacion and José Dolores Guzman. Both brothers set up a partnership to manage Santa Rosa de Lima and three other Haciendas in the area.
• 1870 - The Guzman brothers decided to dissolve the partnership and split their properties, leaving José Dolores with Santa Rosa de Lima.
• 1873 - José Dolores needed to provide collateral for a $ 4.000 loan so he mortgaged all his Haciendas.
• 1874 - Because of difficulties in meeting his obligations, the ownership of the mortgaged property was transferred to young José Dominguez Peon, only 21 years old, since José Dolores Guzman had borrowed from him.
• 1886 - Santa Rosa de Lima was mortgaged to Manuel Zapata Bolio for the amount of $ 20.000 pesos.
• 1897 - In this year the first stage of the actual infrastructure, started under the Dominguez Peon brothers and Urcelay family management was finished. By this year The Hacienda had some 90 people living in the community.
• 1889 - José Dominguez had to sell The Hacienda to his older brother Alfredo Maria de la Trinidad because of economic reasons.
• 1892 - Alfredo Dominguez had to sell The Hacienda due to economical difficulties. It was purchased by a well known Hacienda owner, José Antonio Urcelay Peniche. For the next few years, The Hacienda was owned by Mr. Urcelay until his death in 1897 leaving Santa Rosa de Lima to his wife, Guadalupe Martinez de Urcelay.
• 1897 - Santa Rosa de Lima counted in this year with 16 henequén plantations of different ages (young, mature and old), 363 heads of cattle, 236 cows, 90 bulls, 37 calves, 29 horses (including mares) and 39 mules.

The Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima is located on the Yucatán Peninsula, 65 kilometers from Mérida International Airport. Hidden in a zone whose cultural wealth is comparable only with its natural attractions, The Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima offers not only an ideal place for resting, but also the possibility of visiting fascinating Maya ruins, colonial convents and crystalline cenotes.

Rooms and suites are located in the original buildings that have been fully restored and adapted to the hotel needs. All Suites features 18-foot ceilings with inside exposed beams and rafters, narrow, 10-foot-high, wooden double doors, massive iron beds and cabinets made of dark tropical hardwoods, cool tile floors, and large bulbous pegs set into the stone walls for hanging the woven cotton hammocks, for which Yucatán is famous, to allow their guests to sleep in the Mayan Style. For those who want to perceive an even more Mayan experience we invite them to try their "Mayan Villa." An authentic "Mayan Palapa" which has been transformed into a deluxe accommodation combining the unique Mayan architecture with today’s expectations of the highly sophisticated traveler.

Each room has its personality with its own charm; decorated with fresh flowers by the lovely local ladies, dressed with their hand made, white traditional Mayan dress: the huipil.


  • Private miniature exterior plunge pool in all the suites
  • Private terrace or garden in all suites and some of the superior rooms
  • One king or two double beds
  • Mini bar
  • Desk (all suites and some superior rooms)
  • Direct dial phone
  • Wood closets (at least two in each room)
  • High speed Internet in all guestrooms
  • Safety box
  • Hammock
  • Shower in all rooms
  • Air conditioned and ceiling fans
  • Bathrobes, slippers and daily change of amenities
  • Mini sound system with CD (Mayan Villas)

In addition and according to category the rooms present the following features:
• Superior rooms: One bedroom with a large bathroom (some of them with a terrace that faces the gardens).
• Junior Suites: One bedroom suite, large bathroom and a large terrace with plunge pool and private gardens, 2 junior suites share a spacious garden and a private swimming pool with the deluxe suite.
• Mayan Villa: Very privately located spacious villa with in its oversized bedroom a "hanging bed" and a day bed in the bathroom. Furthermore, the villa counts with a large bathroom, an ample terrace and a plunge pool.
• Deluxe Suites: Very spacious suite with a living room, a large bathroom and an ample terrace sharing a garden and pool with two junior suites.


  • Tour in the botanical garden
  • Mini tour through the property
  • Swimming pools
  • Games (chess, backgammon, cards, etc.)
  • Daily turn-down service
  • Mail services
  • Horseback riding
  • Library
  • Mountain bikes
  • TV room with Cable TV
  • Flower decoration and fruit platter at arrival
  • Room service
  • Professional assistance to prepare your personalized "A la Carte" tours
  • Excursion basket with hand towels, Kleenex and repellent


  • Tours to the archeological sites with driver and/or bilingual guide
  • SPA services (massages, facials, body treatments and aromatherapy)
  • High speed Internet
  • Child care/Babysitting
  • Romantic dinner in the gardens of The Hacienda
  • Business services
  • Laundry

Surrounded by major archeological zones and colonial villages (from Uxmal to the lesser known sides of Oxkintok, Kabáh, Sayil and Labná), natural reserves (the rare Pink Flamingos in Celestún), the cenotes or sink holes and the Caves of Lol-Tún or Calcehtok, The Hacienda is the perfect place for cultural trips.

The Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima is also the perfect place for activities with mountain bikes and horses available, hikes can be organized. For relaxation, read a book in the tranquility of the gardens, stroll around in the botanical garden of The Hacienda, visit the handicrafts of the village and learn about the daily life of the locals or take a relaxing massage in the privacy of your room or in the garden of your suite.

Botanical Garden of The Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima is situated in old installations of a fruit plantation where the plants are watered by irrigation channels. The garden has a total extension of 9.200 m² and are planted a total of 239 species distributed in 67 families and 177 genera.

The main goal of the Garden is to maintain a living collection of plants, with taxonomic information, Mayan names, and usages. The Botanical Garden is divided in 10 sections plus a section of propagation. Every section has an identification code and inside each section every species has its own ID.

Section Area (m²) Nr. species
Aromatic 132,30 27
Medicinal, different disorders 427,20 61
Native palms 155,00 13
Fruit garden 1;856,50 30
Medicinal, dermatological disorders 950,00 53
Medicinal, gastrointestinal disorders 1.392,00 31
Medicinal, respiratory illness 1,276.00 23
Multiple uses 1,012.00 35
Vegetables 1,008.00 24
Ornamentals 276.00 14
Propagation and composting site 715.00  

Additional information about the species can be consulted in the catalogue, where you can find more detailed information (description, pictures and detailed usages) about every species on each section.

The mayor collection is the medicinal plants. These species are divided in four sections according to their uses: dermatological disorders, digestive disorders, respiratory diseases and different disorders. The collection has a total of 166 species that have been reported in the traditional medicine in the Yucatán Peninsula.

The Botanical Garden also has a collection of plants with edible fruits. You can find native and introduced species. A total of 30 species can be observed in this section.

Other important collection is the section of native palms. A total of 23 native species have been reported in Yucatán Peninsula, in the garden you can see the 50 per cent of them. In the Garden are planted 20 species reported as endemic to the Yucatán Peninsula.

Weddings and Honeymoons at The Haciendas are simply a unique experience that lasts forever.

The Haciendas have the idyllic venue for small weddings. Large gardens, the old machine room and the natural surroundings for their backdrop, are the ideal design for weddings and other events. With personalized service, luxurious accommodations, facilities and amenities for guests, The Haciendas are a totally different and unique alternative for a wedding venue.

After the first contact with the staff, who will provide you all possible help to make this an extraordinary experience, the magic landscape of The Hacienda, the friendly staff and the relaxing atmosphere, you will have enough reasons to choose The Haciendas as the perfect place for your wedding. Each wedding is tailor-made to suit the groom and bride needs and expectations. Their staff is highly experienced on catering and planning.

Music, video, photography, printed itinerary and floral arrangements; plus organization of day trips for participants.

Birth certificates, blood test done in Mérida (max. 15 days prior to wedding) and Visa (Tourist Card) you receive upon entering México. (Note: For a legal wedding which is also recognized in the United States and Canada there can be no exceptions in these requirements.)

Birth certificates, baptism certificates and a letter to the Arch Bishop of Mérida from your church’s minister giving permission and blessing. (Note: Original documents should be with the local Mexican church minister at least two months before the religious wedding.)

The Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima is a perfect place for small weddings. You can have a Catholic ceremony in the church that used to be part of The Hacienda and has the same style and colors as The Hacienda itself just by the entrance of the hotel.

The relaxation, culture, magic, friendliness and beautiful landscapes of Santa Rosa de Lima, puts it into the favorite places for honeymooners. The exquisite rooms together with our SPA services and food selections, makes of The Hacienda an extraordinary experience. Choose the charming Mayan Villa with a very special architectural design, a hanging bed, private plunge pool, terrace and all the privacy you dream about.

Special dinner can also be arranged in the comfort of the room, in the privacy of the garden of your room and also at most of the areas of The Hacienda. Just imagine your romantic dinner served in a perfect hideaway where the grounds are lit by twinkling candles and the only noise you can hear are the romantic tunes played by a well known "Trio" or "Trobador."

Surrounded by dense tropical jungle and exotic wildlife this secluded and beautifully restored Hacienda is possibly the most intimate and exclusive atmosphere where guests are invited to distance themselves from the outside world.

The term “Hol Bé” comes from the Mayan language and translates as "Open Way or Opening the Way in the forest" which sets the mood for the unique calming experience within the SPA. Helping to preserve the ancient Mayan healing practices of the Yucatán Peninsula, a select group of the local Mayan therapists have been carefully chosen to provide the special treatments and services offered in the SPA. Several of the therapist’s ancestors were authentic Mayan "Sobadores" or so called "bone healers" and throughout generations handed down techniques and treatments only found in the Mayan world. Their hands and magical restorative spirit help to restore health, energy and beauty in a holistic ambience.

Dedicated to pampering guests in a restful retreat in harmony with nature, The Spas at The Haciendas are based on "high-touch, low tech" concept that celebrates the human touch and use of natural, often indigenous, spa products.

• Maya plan: Two energetic Mayan massages of 50 minutes.
• Seaweed wrap: A therapy that surrounds your body with seaweed rich in olio elements that help to clean your body from toxins and relax and also revitalizes your skin. During this treatment you receive a relaxing head massage. The therapy ends with the application of a hydrating cream with a light massage of the entire body.
• Mayan energy massage: A combination of several Mayan techniques, including a Mayan prayer of health and well-being that harmonizes your vital energy with the universal energy in a mystic ritual achieving a deep relaxation, peace and health in your body, mind and spirit.
Back massage: Relaxing massage that releases tension and muscular pain in your neck, shoulders and back.
• Aromatherapy body scrub: A superb treatment beginning with a deep body scrub of botanical salts combined with aroma therapeutic essence oils that will help remove dead skin cells, stimulating circulation and leaving your skin with a healthy glow. This treatment finishes with the application of a hydrating body cream.

Swimming pool

“Zazil Ha” plan, an ancient Maya energizing treatment starting with a relaxing foot massage and continuing with an exfoliating treatment using totally natural ingredients derived from flowers and honey. The entire body is vigorously massaged to remove dead skin cells. This is followed by an invigorating shower, a rub to detoxify your skin and is finished with a soft and relaxing massage with moisturizing oils. This full body treatment lasts for 125 minutes.

The culinary delights of a typical Yucatecan kitchen come from a mouth watering mixture of European and Mexican flavors (Mestizo Cuisine). A bit of history will explain this strong European influence. Once upon a time the Yucatecan Peninsula was considered to be too far away and too difficult to reach from the rest of México. Mountainous terrain and very poor roads kept the peninsula isolated. Having ports with commercial and cultural contacts with Europe, (especially France), New Orleans, Cuba and Arab immigrants, the Yucatecans were easily influenced by many aspects of these countries and cultures, such as dress, architecture and cooking, which explains why there is a lot of European flare in its cuisine.

Much of the ingredients used in the menu is organic and comes from the gardens of The Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima or any of the other Haciendas of the group. Fresh-baked bread, tortillas and delicious marmalades are made at The Hacienda and the fresh fish comes from the different coastal villages you can find at the coast of the state of

There is also a wide selection of fruit juices based on seasonal fruits from our own garden and herbal teas prepared with medicinal plants of the botanical garden.

Ingredients first used by the Maya include corn, beans, tomatoes, chiles, squash, chaya (a Spinach-like plant), avocado and achiote (annatto). The Spaniards introduced citrus fruit-limes and Seville oranges feature in many dishes, chicken, beef, dairy products, coriander, garlic, olives, oregano and rice. Pork, chicken and turkey are widely used in Yucatecan recipes, usually in conjunction with recados, which may contain achiote, Seville orange juice, pepper and chiles.

The Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima features a restaurant, that overlooks a cozy patio, but dining is made even a more special experience by changing the location of the tables every night. Have your breakfast by the pool, with a view to the botanical garden, or in the privacy of the garden of your suite, your dinner on the terrace of the main house, decorated with candles, overlooking the open sky with thousands of stars. Take a close look at the moon and the shining stars through our telescope.

The menu proposes a blend of regional and international cuisine. With our chef, Eladio Pat Noh, leading the charge, he will show you how to fully grasp the gravity of this emblematic cuisine.

Once you arrive at The Hacienda do not forget to ask your host for their “Romantic Dinner” arrangements, just imagine your dinner for two served in a perfect hideaway were the grounds are lit by twinkling candles. They can also take care of regional romantic music arrangements, the well known "Trio" or "Trobador," just for the two of you.

Imagine a uniquely creative event. From an elegant dinner with twinkling candles and torches in the old machine room to a dinner in the middle of a Mayan Community held in the magnificent main gardens of The Hacienda.

Add their sales executive with the imagination and innovation to ensure the event exceeds all expectations. People who can collaborate with you in planning the ideal incentive experience.

Then picture all this in the luxurious surroundings of one of The Haciendas in the Yucatán Peninsula, México. Each a prime location with its own distinctive style, offering a wide range of ideas for your special events and incentive travel. A colonial city or a historical resort, the choice is yours. And with every Hacienda from
Hacienda San José Cholul in Yucatán to Hacienda Puerta Campeche in the city of Campeche you are guaranteed superb Luxury Collection standards of service.

At The Haciendas the range of ideas and the variety of locations means every event taste can be catered for.

We believe that you deserve much more than just another ordinary event. So you can be sure that whichever Hacienda you choose, with whatever extraordinary event you ask us to stage, your stay will be characterized by just that little bit extra. Extra creativity, extra professionalism, extra enthusiasm. All in true The Haciendas style.

The Henequén Haciendas were subjects of complex disputes over ownership. Over time, they were broken up and gradually abandoned, leaving many of the families of The Hacienda communities who depended for so many years on the "green gold" economy, without work. The result was a high rate of unemployment leaving the following generations without a chance for a better future in the rural area of the Yucatán.

One of the most note-worthy aspects around the reconstruction and opening of The Haciendas as hotels was the social implications of hiring and training of local workers, first in the construction work and later on in hotel positions. These were permanent positions offering better conditions than other employment in the area and gave concrete opportunities for advancement for the inhabitants. Currently 100 per cent of the employees working at The Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima are inhabitants from the village of Santa Rosa de Lima or one of the other villages nearby. Another interesting fact is that the majority of the employees are descendents or relatives of the people who worked at The Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima during the Henequén period.

The revitalization of The Hacienda has also resulted in the development of a series of social projects. The main purpose of these projects was to create new activities for the local inhabitants that for different reasons were not able to work in the hotel. These projects were primarily focused on the rich cultural traditions that can still be found in most of the Mayan communities in the peninsula such as handicrafts and other manual arts.

The inhabitants of the village who volunteered to participate in the project were not only trained in producing goods, but were encouraged to use regional natural elements and traditional methods. They also received support with the construction of their workshops from the foundation that started the project. The majority of their produce is purchased by The Hacienda for different purposes such as turn down gifts, amenities for the bathroom and items to sell to guests in The Hacienda store. In the village of Santa Rosa de Lima you can find workshops where local woman work with henequén or sisal fibers, embroidery and silver. The workshops in Santa Rosa de Lima are beside the village schools and shops and the villagers and guests of The Haciendas mix in a very interesting and unique way.

Another very important initiative completed early in 2004 was the employment and training of local inhabitants of Santa Rosa de Lima to become therapists in the Spa of The Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima, several of them with ancestors who were authentic Mayan "sobadoras" or "bone healers." Again, this was a way of creating opportunities for locals, especially women, who would never have had the chance to do this type of work and earn a living.

The foundation that today is responsible for the coordination, financing and supervision of all the social projects in the community of Santa Rosa de Lima is called "Fundacion Haciendas del Mundo Maya".

For more information visit:

For prices, reservations, availability and bookings, please contact us at: visit@luxuriousmexico.com

Yucatan, Santa Rosa, Hotel Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima, Entrance - Photo by The Haciendas
Entrance at The Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima
Yucatan, Santa Rosa, Hotel Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima, Pool - Photo by  German Murillo-Echavarria 0405
Pool at The Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima
Yucatan, Santa Rosa, Hotel Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima, Botanical Garden - Photo by German Murillo-Echavarria 0405
Botanical Garden at The Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima
Yucatan, Santa Rosa, Hotel Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima, Grounds, Breakfast al Fresco - Photo by The Haciendas
Breakfast al Fresco at The Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima
Yucatan, Santa Rosa, Hotel Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima, Room Junior Suite double - Photo by The Haciendas
Bedroom at The Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima
Yucatan, Santa Rosa, Hotel Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima, Room Junior Suite double, Garden with plunge pool - Photo by German Murillo-Echavarria 0405
Private Plunge Pool at The Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima
Yucatan, Santa Rosa, Hotel Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima, Patio - Photo by German Murillo-Echavarria 0405
Patio at The Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima
Yucatan, Santa Rosa, Hotel Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima, Room Junior Suite double, Garden, Outside Shower - Photo by German Murillo-Echavarria 0405
Garden at The Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima
Yucatan, Santa Rosa, Hotel Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima, Pool and Terrace - Photo by The Haciendas
Pool and Terrrace at The Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima
Yucatan, Santa Rosa, Hotel Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima, Spa, Massage beds al Fresco - Photo by The Haciendas
Massage beds at The Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima
Yucatan, Santa Rosa, Hotel Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima, Rooms Superior with private pool - Photo by German Murillo-Echavarria 0405
Family Rooms at The Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima
Yucatan, Santa Rosa, Hotel Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima, Room Junior Suite double, Private Plunge pool - Photo by The Haciendas
Private Plunge Pool at The Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima


Yucatan, Santa Rosa, Hotel Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima, Room Junior Suite double, Terrace - Photo by The Haciendas
Bedroom with Private Patio at The Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima
Yucatan, Santa Rosa, Hotel Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima, Chapel, Altar - Photo by German Murillo-Echavarria 0405
Altar in The Chapel at The Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima
 © Photo by thehaciendas