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Rio Lagartos is a small, quiet town perched on a tiny peninsula at the entrance to the inlet of ocean water, also called Ría Lagartos, or “La Ria.” Located on the northern shore of the eastern Yucatán, 52 Km. from Tizimín, this charming town has streets that point every way, and tend to change names frequently. To get your bearings, Calle 10 is the main street of town, and runs to the waterfront.

Ría Lagartos, located 52 Km. from Tizimín, within a special biosphere reserve on the northern coast of Yucatán on the Gulf of México, it is an extraordinary natural refuge famous for its pink flamingos, a large variety of other species and exuberant vegetation. It is also a picturesque fishing village with colorfully painted wooden and cement homes. Protected by the SEMARNAP to preserve the diverse flora and fauna of the area, and registered in 1986 by the United Nations as an area of important international wetlands.

To see the flamingos, you must hire a boat that takes you on a fascinating two and a half-hour boat ride through mangrove forests and swamps. On the way, you will encounter jumping fish, crocodiles and a variety of rare birds. It’s an amazing trip, where you will see hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of orange-red flamingos. The tour ends at a freshwater cenote, where you can take a dip in the cool water, if you so desire. You will find clean, comfortable lodgings and colorful cabanas in Ría Lagartos.

This is a fantastic place for birdwatchers and those who want to see an unusual area that is off the beaten track. There are different boat trips you can take that will allow you to explore the Ría, the nesting areas, or the Chiquila Beach.

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Yucatan, Ria Lagartos, Natural Biosphere, House - Photo by Sectur Yucatan
House in Ría Lagartos